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Teardrop Labradorite Ring

Dory Blue

Teardrop Labradorite Ring

$198.00 CAD

Available at our Glebe location.


This teardrop-shaped labradorite ring has a special sort of clarity to it: in the light, its surface glows with the vibrant blues and green characteristic to a high-quality labradorite, but turn it just the right way and you can peer into the glittering heart of the stone's depths. 


Materials: Polished Sterling Silver, Labradorite

Stone Size: Approx. 36mm x 24mm

Band Width: 8mm (tapering to 6mm beneath finger)

Ring Size: 7

Dory Blue:

Kim's Passion for buying jewellery inspired her to create the stunning Dory Blue Labradorite Collection. Kim's designs are distinct, timeless, and original. Each piece is one of a kind; created and collected intentionally, bringing quality and elegance. Designed by hand and fashioned just for you!