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Some of our most frequently asked questions:

Where are you located? 

Magpie Jewellery has three brick and mortar locations in the Nation's Capital, Ottawa. Find more information about all of our locations here. Through our online store we ship far and wide, if you have any questions about the website please contact

What is gold-fill?

Yellow or Rose gold filled jewellery is a good quality, more affordable alternative to solid gold. Also known as “rolled gold” or “gold overlay”, it’s easily confused with gold plating. The key difference is that gold filled is solid gold mechanically fused to the under metal, comprising at least 5% of overall weight. Solid (or karat) gold jewellery can be a substantial investment. However, buying gold filled jewellery over solid gold is definitely going to save you a few dollars. It’s also much more valuable than purchasing gold plated items. Unlike gold plating, gold filled jewellery is tarnish resistant and won’t turn your skin green! Furthermore, if you care for gold filled jewellery properly, it will last you a lifetime. If you see a piece labeled “gold vermeil”, this means it’s a gold plating over sterling silver, these pieces should be treated like silver. Items labeled “gold plated” often are brass under a thin layer of gold. 

I'd like to pick up my order curb-side, but I don't see that option?

The curb-side options available on our website are technically 'shipping' options, so you will be prompted to input your shipping information. once you reach the next step the options will be available to you choose which location for pick-up.

The description says the item I'm interested in is 'made to order', what does that mean and how long will I have to wait?

Most of the artists Magpie works with have small batch collections, and a lot of pieces are handmade. If we don't happen to have the item, size or colour in stock at one of our 3 locations, then the item will be made to order for you. If you need something rushed, sometimes it is possible. Please email for 'rush' possibilities.

Can I use an online Gift Card/Certificate in store?

Yes! Though the user will need to have a printed copy or the email confirmation and have the name and email address of the person who purchased it online. Unfortunately, an in-store Magpie Gift Card cannot be used online by the user but a work-around is possible, please reach out to if you have an in-store card you would like to use online. 

I ordered something online a few weeks ago but I have not received any information about my order?

Often communication can get lost in the 'nether' unfortunately. Please check your junk or promotions folders for an email as our messages get filtered there sometimes. Also ensure you have provided the correct email address, and please attach a phone number to your contact information. If there is an issue with your order and the email address you provided is incorrect or our emails haven't been delivered, if we do not have a phone number we cannot contact you.

Is your return policy the same online as in store?

Our return policy is the same for items purchased online as for in store. Unworn items may be returned within 14 days, or exchanged within 30 days with proof of purchase. Considerations will be made for items being shipped, to fit within these parameters. 

I'm buying a gift for someone, how will what I purchase be packaged and sent to them?

Every item that is purchased through the website is carefully packaged in a white, branded Magpie box and a grey satin ribbon, if you require gift wrapping it is available as a free item you can add to your cart. We do not ship items with a price tag.

I see a piece that I like online, but I would like it to be in a different colour metal or to have a different diamond or gemstone.

Some pieces can be ordered in other metals, or with other stones depending on the designer. If there is something you see online and you would like to inquire whether it comes in another colour or with another type of stone, please email for inquiries.

There's an item that I know I've see in store but I don't see it online and I'd like to buy it, who should I contact?

Magpie has many pieces that are available in store and not online. We can make it available for you to purchase online, contact for inquires.

I have a diamond from an heirloom piece, can Magpie help me repurpose in a redesign?

Absolutely! In fact, it is one of our favourite things to do! Redesign and repurposing a client's gold and diamonds from heirloom pieces for a new generation. Please contact for more information.

Does Magpie sell Diamonds?

Yes! We can source any diamond specifications you need from a 0.10 carat to a 10 carat diamond (oh my!) in any cut and in any colour! White diamonds, salt & pepper diamonds and rustic diamonds. We are also a Diamond Foundry partner, and can source lab grown diamonds as well. Expertly procured by our Gemologist with over 30 years experience. We are your trusted partner in the process of finding the right diamond for you.

I'm a jeweller, and I'd like to sell my work at Magpie, who should I contact?

Please send your line-sheets and any social media links to Jennifer Stone, at

Is there a warranty on your jewellery?

All of Magpie’s jewellery is covered by a standard 3 month warranty, including customs, special orders and repairs. Beyond this three month warranty, Magpie offers in-house repairs at a discounted price for all Magpie pieces. Certain designers will also offer their own extended warranty, please contact us with any specific warranty related questions at

Is your jewellery made ethically?

Magpie Jewellery takes every precaution to ensure that our jewellery is as ethical as possible. We source all of our diamonds from conflict-free Canadian mines and use recycled materials whenever possible. The majority of our jewellery is handmade by small-scale artists and goldsmiths.

Does Magpie offer an instalment payment system?

Yes we do, we have partnered with Sezzle. Inquire in-store or use online!

 Magpie is a proud member of the Canadian Jewellers association


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, info@magpiejewellery,com