Anzie Jewelry

Anzie, La Vie en Couleur
From its inception, Anzie Jewelry has been a celebration of life and color. Named after its founder, Anzie Stein, the collection is best known for its signature pieces using precious gemstones and 14k gold.
"A burst of color adds happiness to my day. I hope that you enjoy your Anzie pieces and that they bring happiness to your life too." - Anzie
Bonheur Birthstone Necklace - Gold - Magpie Jewellery
Love Letter single diamond ring A to Z - Diamond & Gold | Magpie Jewellery
Aztec Micro North Star Necklace in Gold - Magpie Jewellery
Bonheur Birthstone Necklace Garnet | Magpie Jewellery
Micro Aztec North Star Studs Silver | Magpie Jewellery
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