Bonheur Birthstone Necklace - Gold

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A dazzling stone is bezel set and suspended from a diamond cut chain with Dew Drop details.

Highlighting the birthstone, this dainty piece is perfect for everyday wear and to layer.


Necklace hangs 16" long with an adjustment at 15", 14"
14k gold

Stone measures 5mm in diameter


- January: Malaya Garnet; Stone origin, Tanzania; Carat weight, 0.55
- February: Amethyst; Stone origin, Brazil; Carat weight 0.44
- March: Aquamarine; Stone origin, Brazil; Stone carat weight, 0.45
- April: Clear Topaz, Carat weight 0.42
- May: Emerald grade AAA; 0.8 carats; Stone origin: Zambia / Emerald grade: A; Stone origin, Zimbabwe; Carat weight 0.42
- June: Moonstone; Origin of stone, India; Carat weight 0.46
- July: Ruby grade: AAA; 0.8 carats; Origin of stone, Burma / Ruby Grade A; Origin of stone, Thailand; 0.6 carats
- August: Peridot; Origin of stone, China; Carat weight 0.42
September: Sapphire grading: AAA; 0.80 carats; Origin of stone, Madagascar / Sapphire grading: A; Origin of stone, Thailand; Carat weight 0.6
OctoberOpal grading: AAA; 0.31 carats; Stone origin, Australia / Sapphire grading: A; Origin of stone, Ethiopia; Carat weight 0.38
- November: Citrine; Origin of stone, Brazil; Carat weight 0.42
December: Turquoise; Origin of stone, Arizona; Carat weight 0.11