Savannah Jones

Savannah Jones jewellery is a brand designed and created by Savannah Jones in Montreal, Canada. Savannah’s pieces are a combination of the timelessness of life and culture that weaves the natural world into the quiet sensuality of jewellery. Infused with meaning, the colour pallets of each piece unite earth tones into an organic balance of wearable jewellery for your everyday. Each piece is carefully considered to create a delicate and dream like experience for the wearer. Savannah aims to create jewellery to evoke a warm and soulful story of hand crafted pieces that can be passed down for generations. Made with refined metals and delicately handcrafted, each piece is designed, cast, cleaned and set from Montreal Quebec, Canada. 
Laurely Ring | Magpie Jewellery
Australian Sapphire Starburst Ring | Magpie Jewellery
Starburst Ring | Magpie Jewellery