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Lissa Bowie

Interested in visual art from an early age, Canadian jewellery designer Lissa Bowie launched her career after completing a successful year in the Jewellery Art program at George Brown College in Toronto.  Following this training, she further curated her knowledge & creative skills working in the retail field with a hands on approach of the jewellery world. During this time Bowie attended the Gemological Institute of America in New York City to further develop her sense of creative design.
Endeavoring on a behind the scenes adventure to discover a source, Bowie was lead to India and finally Mexico where the namesake collection officiated.  Here she has discovered her passion and ability to communicate a vision and currently designs, develops and creates a seasonal collection as well as limited edition pieces alongside a team of master metalsmiths in the mountainous regions of Mexico.
Bowie is constant in her strive for innovation with a devotion to create, the outcome is a captivating and distinct joya that holds its own.