Anne-Marie Chagnon

Anne-Marie Chagnon creates original jewellery for women that distinguish themselves by their independence of spirit. The jewellery she creates indulges the desire of self-expression for the woman who chooses them. Every piece is designed, created and crafted in her Montreal studio. Chiselled pewter, sheer glass, luminous resin, sumptuous 22 carat gold, lustrous copper, shimmering bronze; Anne-Marie Chagnon shapes and sculpts original and exclusive pieces, as contemporary as they are timeless.
Miota Earrings | Magpie Jewellery
Saru Bracelet | Magpie Jewellery
401947 Anne-Marie Chagnon Patty Earrings  Gold
Louis Necklace - Magpie Jewellery
Honolulu Earrings - Magpie Jewellery
Jyde Earrings | Magpie Jewellery
Jepo Earrings | Magpie Jewellery
540240 Anne-Marie Chagnon Maui Earrings  Pewter
551340 Anne-Marie Chagnon Dieppe Earrings  Pewter
545018 Anne-Marie Chagnon Bruxelle Earrings  Fern
458203 Anne-Marie Chagnon Andrea Earrings  Agate
492940 Anne-Marie Chagnon Mureli Earrings  Pewter
Cancun Earrings | Magpie Jewellery
Yuki Earrings - Magpie Jewellery
Anita Earrings - Magpie Jewellery
Laure Necklace - Magpie Jewellery
'Celina' Earrings - Magpie Jewellery
Bello Ring - Magpie Jewellery
'Elody' Bracelet - Magpie Jewellery