Zodiac Gemstone Trinity Earrings

Material 14ky
Zodiac Gemstone Black Spinel

Please allow 2 weeks for production and delivery

Zodiac gemstones are stones based on your Zodiac Sign or Rashi, and just like month-wise birthstones, every zodiac sign has one or more gemstones associated with it. They are also known as Astral stones, derived from Astrology and has been an essential part of various beliefs since ancient times. The fundamental assumption is that a person’s Astrological sign is linked to one gemstone (or more) on earth that enables them to awaken their hidden power. Gems are also known to have protecting and healing properties to benefit the mind and body of a person. 


Material: 14k Gold and gemstone

Stone Width: 2.5mm

Approx. Height: 2.25 mm
Approx. Length: 5.5 mm