The Tower Tarot Card Necklace

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Lightning strikes from the clouds, alighting the speared Tower and sending stone tumbling to the ground. Flames lick out from ragged, unhewn stone; bodies leap in terror from unknown heights like souls in perdition, hoping to escape the imminent collapse.

Ruled by the planet Mars; from destruction comes liberation. Symbolic of immense change, the tearing down is borne of a bolt of clarity to strike something that lacked stability in the first place. The whole thing doesn't come crumbling down—the sky opens and gives us a chance to build something even higher off of these foundations, tall enough to reach the stars. The Tower teaches us growth through experience; strength through resilience; and enlightenment through catharsis. As they say, trust the process.

At its core, what seems like a violent destruction leaves fertile soil for new blooms to emerge from its rubble, all much sooner than you think.

Made by hand in the Montreal studio of Sofia Zakia.


Materials: 14K Yellow Gold

Pendant Dimensions:

  • Length: 23mm
  • Width: 12mm
  • Thickness: 0.95mm

Chain Styles:

  • 16" Length: 1.1mm 14k gold cable chain
  • 20" Length: 1.3mm 14k gold cable chain