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The Brick Road Cuff
The Brick Road Cuff

Iris Rogers Melamed

The Brick Road Cuff

$50.00 CAD


Engraved with a simple repeating brick pattern, edged with fine detailing, and given depth with oxidization, this copper cuff speaks for itself.

To maintain the brushed finish on your piece, we recommend using the extra-fine grit finishing square provided with your item. 


Materials: Copper

Width: 26mm

Length (end to end): 162mm

Thickness: 1.65mm

A Note About Copper: 

In order to maintain the longevity of your piece, avoid exposure to acidic substances. If your piece is exposed, rinse and dry thoroughly to avoid damage to the material.

In addition, because human skin is mildly acidic, extended wear- especially in hot weather or under periods of high exertion- may cause the appearance of slight blue or green staining on the skin. This should be easily washed away with soap and water, but persons with very sensitive skin may experience irritation. We also recommend thoroughly wiping the inside of your cuff with a soft cloth to remove skin oils from its surface, as well.