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The 20/20 Hoop Earring | Magpie Jewellery | Yellow Gold | Silver | Rose Gold | Listed Clockwise

Dianne Rodger

The Hoop Earring

$116.00 CAD

Please allow 10-15 days for production and delivery if item is not in stock.

A hoop! We finally have a hoop earring and it's amazing!!

We feel we have made a hoop that is perfectly sized. It is the Goldilocks of hoops to us. Not too big, not too small... just the size to suit us all.

The core of the hoop allows it to be a bit springy - so it's easy to put on and leave on. You can use the backings, but can definitely get away without them.


Diameter - 20mm. Twist detail is 3mm thick.

Available in sterling silver, yellow gold fill, and rose gold fill.