Tapered Totem Ring - Joe Descoteaux

Size 4
Style Eagle

Please allow 3 - 6 weeks for production and delivery. As all pieces are individually hand-carved, please allow for slight stylistic variations.  


The Eagle is a symbol of power, prestige and wisdom.

The Bear is a symbol of strength, learned humility and teaching. 

The Raven is the creator, transformer and trickster.

The Hummingbird is a joyous messenger who represents peace, affection and good fortune. 

The Orca is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. 

The Thunderbird is a symbol of power, protection and strength. 

The Wolf represents a strong sense of family values, intelligence, leadership and being a great team player. The wolf also symbolizes strength and loyalty in relationships. It also symbolizes perseverance, intuition and success. 

If you require a size not listed here, indicate your size in the notes to seller at checkout. This ring is also available in other totems upon request- if you would like to order this ring with a different totem, please contact us at orders@magpiejewellery.com.

For more information and the animal meanings, look here.


Artist: Joe Descoteaux

Metal: Sterling Silver

Band Width: 

  • At Widest: 9.5mm - 10.5mm
  • At Narrowest: 6mm - 7mm

Ring Thickness: 1mm