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Succulent Pendant

Justine Brooks

  • $80.00 CAD


Sempervivum, succulent, hens and chicks. A plant of many names and we love them all. These beauties grow so well in JB's lower garden and their beauty was hard to ignore. It was time to create a piece of jewelry that had been in the works of JB's brain for quite some time. 

Material: bronze with silver plated

Chain: 18 inch sterling silver

Length: 2 cm

Justine Brooks 

Justine is based in Squamish, Canada. The designer originally worked with ceramic pendants during her studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, but felt her calling to jewelry. She then enrolled in Vancouver Community College Jewellery Art and Design program to further her hands-on metalsmithing techniques. Justine knew that she would never be the "starving artist", it wasn’t in her blood. During her studies JB had already launched her own brand, showed at Vancouver Fashion week, and won “Western Livings Design of the Year Award – One to Watch” in 2010. JB is to have the perfect balance of creativity and business sense. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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