Silver Gemstone Stacking Bracelet

Please allow 10-15 days for production and delivery if item is not in stock.

This bracelet stands alone, or stacks with easy with other silver or gemstone bracelets.  She goes anywhere and everywhere with you! 

The stones are 3mm faceted rondelles with the exception of moonstone - which are 2.5mm faceted rounds,

Length is variable between 6.5" and 8.25" via the link chain.

Available in the following gemstones:

  • labradorite (grey-blue with colour shift)
  • moonstone (white with colour-shift)
  • aquamarine (translucent pale aqua blue)
  • agate (semi-opaque near-white)
  • amethyst (transparent purple)
  • garnet (transparent red)
  • black onyx (opaque black)