Pyrrha Signature Talismans on 18" Paperclip Chains

Style Thick as Thieves - Silver

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for production and delivery.    


Five of Pyrrha's classic talismans- with a twist! Each of these talismans is hung from an 18" paperclip chain (3.35mm), and fixed in place between two links, preventing the chain from turning and the clasp from travelling from where it belongs behind your neck!

It is important to note, of course, that this means the chains on these talismans cannot be switched out.

Talisman Meanings: 

Thick as Thieves:

Standing on their hind legs, the two foxes on this talisman represent the secrets that are shared between very close friends.

Struggle and Emerge:

This talisman reads 'Luctor et Emergo', which is Latin for 'I Struggle and Emerge.' The wolf atop a mountain symbolizes the relief, joy, and triumph of the spirit as we surmount life's challenges.


The compass rose on this talisman helps you to find direction and keep you on the path to your heart's true desires.

What Once Was:

This talisman reads 'Olim' in Latin, which means 'Once'. The skull, a classic memento mori, is a reminder that life is fleeting.

Heart of the Wolf:

This talisman features a wolf, a feared and misunderstood creature of high intelligence, fierce loyalty, and deep compassion.


  • Fastens with a lobster clasp.
  • Comes with a hand torn meaning card