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I heart You

I heart You


  • $66.00 CAD


Dogeared is big on love. We even dot our I's with hearts when we write love notes. And we've designed so many heart charms, we lost count! This one is especially pretty though, don't you think? It's the perfect necklace to give to someone you heart.

  • 18'' sterling silver chain
  • 8mm sterling silver full heart charm
  • Sterling silver spring ring closure
  • I heart you message card


    Dogeared was born on the beautiful beaches of Southern California in 1991. Founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke believed jewellery could be both beautiful and meaningful, and her idea that jewels should speak sparked the creative journey now known as Dogeared. The brand is more than a jewellery line and embraces the stories, happy moments, milestones and experiences… that celebrate, connect and inspire customers. Each piece tells a story of individuality, self-expression, love, and friendship.

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