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Rose Gold Twist Earring - Mini

Dianne Rodger

Rose Gold Twist Earring - Mini

$53.00 CAD

Rose gold fill drop/dangle earring.  This little twist is just so sweet - it hangs down only 1/2".  It's the lightest earring in the twisted collection - perfect for the person who wants just a bit of playful movement from their earring.

The twist is 1/2" - total length of the earring is 1"  (the hooks are rose - they appear more gold in the photos due to bright lighting and strong reflection).

Silicone/rubber backings will be included.

Every piece from Dianne Rodger jewellery is handmade, please allow for very slight variations.

Simple and strong ear wire
Wire: 20 gauge half round


 Please allow 1-2 weeks for production