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Petite Leaf Bracelet
Petite Leaf Bracelet
Petite Leaf Bracelet

Silver Seasons

Petite Leaf Bracelet

$165.00 CAD


The Petite Leaf collection is based on the beautiful Thyme "Snowdrift" which is a cultivar of wild thyme common throughout Europe’s central and southern heaths and dry grasslands. With its small green leaves, abundant white flowers and mat-forming habit, it is the perfect plant for edging paths, rockeries and borders. It is attractive to beneficial insects and a must have for any herb garden! The Petite Leaf collection perfectly captures the beauty of "Snowdrift's" trailing stems.


Cast in hand-patinaed bronze with a green finish and accented with freshwater pearls.

Length: approx. 7.75"


In order to keep your piece as beautiful as the day you first put it on, please clean using a damp cloth with soap and water.