Pale Grey Kite Diamond Engagement Ring

Though this particular ring has sold, if you like the look of this ring or any other of our Magpie Collection pieces it can be ordered with your choice of diamonds or gemstones and re-created uniquely for you! Please inquire by choosing "get an estimate".


This pale grey kite diamond is a real beauty- sitting securely in its white gold bezel, its snug geometry and silky colour is sure to please!

Due to its low setting, this ring cannot accommodate a straight wedding band and will require a curved guard to sit flush.


  • Materials: 19K Palladium White Gold, Rose Cut Kite-Shaped Pale Grey Diamond
  • A note about Palladium White Gold: 19k palladium white gold does not warm over time like other white golds, but does have a more striking darker grey visual colour.
  • Size: 6.5

Kite Diamond: 1.05ct

  • Length: 8.64mm
  • Width: 5.97mm
  • Height: 3.51mm

    Vertical Height:

    • approx. 5mm

    Band Dimensions: 

    • Width: 1.4mm
    • Height: 1.3mm

    Finish: Polished

    If you have questions regarding this ring, or would like to design your own diamond engagement ring, please contact us at