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Opal Sunburst Necklace - Silver
Opal Sunburst Necklace - Silver

Strut Jewellery

Opal Sunburst Necklace - Silver

$110.00 CAD

  • This handmade necklace features a petite glowing smooth round lab-grown opal set in a sterling silver bezel on a faceted half-moon sterling silver textured sunburst. 
  • Lab-grown opal is more sustainable, durable & consistent than mined opals, and composed of the same minerals too!
  • Opal is said to intensify emotions and release inhibitions. It encourages both freedom and independence.
  • Delicate silver chain measures 16" with a 2" extender to max length of 18"
  • Also available in 14k gold-fill

Please allow 1-2 weeks for production if item is not in stock