1.2ct Lab-Grown Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


There's a special sort of sparkle to an oval stone- you wouldn't think such a subtle change in shape would impact the way it glitters so much, but it really does! The facets of this diamond seem to give it infinite depth, and at moments it almost feels like staring into another world!

This ring can accommodate a straight wedding band and does not require a curved guard to sit flush.


Size: 6

Materials: 14K Yellow Gold, Lab-Grown Oval Brilliant Cut White Diamond

Diamond: D VS1  

  • Length: 8.57mm
  • Width: 5.99mm
  • Height: 3.74mm
  • Carat Weight: 1.2ct

    Vertical Height:

    • approx. 5.5mm (including band)

    Band Dimensions: 

    • Width: 1.3mm
    • Height: 1.2mm