Kindred Mini Birthstone Necklace

Please allow 10-15 days for production and delivery if item is not in stock. 


Birthstones make for meaningful and personalized jewellery. Represent your story, keep the presence of a loved one close by or simply choose your favourite colour!

•Garnet: courage | january
•Amethyst: wisdom | february
•Aquamarine: peace | march
•Clear Topaz: insight | april
•Emerald*: prosperity | may
•Moonstone: heightened intuition | june
•Ruby*: love | july
•Peridot: balance | august
•Sapphire*: good luck | september
•Opal: hope | october
•Citrine: motivation | november
•Tanzanite: calmness | december

*Please note that the Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires available are lab-grown gemstones. Lab-grown gemstones are real and genuine; they are chemically, physically and optically identical to their natural counterparts.


Materials: Sterling Silver or 14k Yellow Gold Fill

Stone Size: 3mm Faceted

Pendant Size: 3mm x 8mm

    Chain Length: 18"