Infinity Earhoops

Size Small

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INFINITY builds on that theme and takes its design inspiration from the symbol for infinity and the number "8."

Taking as inspiration the mathematical symbol for infinity, with all its connotations of endless love, these small twists of sterling silver make elegant and sophisticated earhoops. The fluid minimal shapes coil around the ear lobe, acting as a discrete enhancement of a woman’s natural beauty and stand as classic examples of contemporary Scandinavian design.

Regitze Overgaard is renowned for her sensuous and minimal jewellery collections for Georg Jensen. Her use of organic natural shapes reveal her understanding of a woman’s body as well as her knowledge of craftsmanship and materials..

A modern interpretation of a timeless theme.


Materials: Sterling Silver


  • Small: 0.87" or 22 mm
  • Large: 1.42" or 36 mm

Infinity Collection:

Regitze Overgaard's Infinity collection is an acclaimed craftwork inspired by timeless love. The silver and gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are all formed with same soft, organic curves. A stunning piece of jewellery in minimal Scandinavian jewellery design.