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FILAO Necklace

Anne Marie Chagnon

  • $88.00 CAD


This long pendant necklace plays with Anne-Marie Chagnon’s idea of the Point of Origin by hinting at hidden contours and seducing our eye with peaks and valleys. A gold, bronze, or pewter crown, created from the negative space of a semicircle, rests atop a marbleized milky or brilliantly hued glass bead.

 40-44 CM (15.7")


pewter, glass


Handmade in Montréal, QC.

Magnetic pewter, limpid glass, luminous resin, lavish gold – all materials sculpted by Anne-Marie Chagnon, to create these unique designs, eye-catching manifestations from a mysterious world of beauty from beyond. Blessed with a bountiful imagination and trained at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Quebec in Montreal, she shapes materials instinctively while achieving a playful harmony of form. With the search for authenticity at the heart of her approach, her signature is unmistakable, recognized at first glance.

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