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Carnelian Intention Bracelet

Lori Chamberland

Carnelian Intention Bracelet

$63.00 CAD

Carnelian Intention Bracelet
action * courage * confidence

Jewellery with Purpose. These fun and funky bracelets are steeped in meaning and significance. Intention Bracelets not only look sweet but are a special ally to help you tap into your inner optimist.

Each bracelet comes with a sweet and simple tool kit: a yoga-based practice that includes some relaxed breathing; gentle stretches; and a short meditation practice using intentions aligned with the stone you choose. You also get lifetime web access to the deeper meaning of your bracelet and a guided yoga and meditation practice video.

Sample Intention:

I take the first step with courage and confidence

This bracelet is made with sandalwood beads from Nepal, semi-precious stones and 24 karat gold Vermeil Each bracelet is hand-made with care and includes a hand-engraved elemental symbol. 
Please note each bracelet is a one of a kind so stone colours have natural variations. 

Bracelets are made to order please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.