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14K Overlay Eagle Keyhole Pendant - Magpie Jewellery

First Nations

14K Overlay Eagle Keyhole Pendant

$715.00 CAD

Please allow 3 - 6 weeks for production and delivery. As all pieces are individually hand-carved, please allow for slight stylistic variations. 


The Eagle is a symbol of power, prestige and wisdom. The Eagle also has a strong connection to peace. Its sacred down represents friendship and its feathers are used for ceremonies and rituals. The Cree consider each feather as having special meaning and distinction. 

For more information and the animal meanings, look here.


Artist: Joe Descoteaux

Metal: Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold

Pendant Dimensions: 

  • Height: 47mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm - 2mm

Bale Size: 10mm x 8mm