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14k Duet Lilac Sapphire Necklace
14k Duet Necklace Lilac Sapphire

Leah Alexandra

14k Duet Necklace Lilac Sapphire

$310.00 CAD

Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and delivery, if this item is not in stock.

An ode to some of the earth’s most precious materials, the Sweet Somethings capsule is both refined and uncomplicated. Each piece showcases the natural beauty of its elements and holds a sense of purpose unique to the wearer. 

Two petite briolette lilac sapphires are suspended from a 14k gold chain and lightly dance along your neckline as if performing a duet – your neckline as the stage.

- 14k gold with lilac sapphire

- Sapphires measure 6 x 4mm and 4 x 2mm

- 16" fine chain