Fluid Jewellery

Fluid Jewellery is handcrafted in Ottawa, Canada by design Caelen Ellis, with a natural, organic aesthetic. Mindful sourcing and production forms the core of Fluid Jewellery, with pieces created using Fairmined gold and silver, recycled metals, Canadian and international conflict-free diamonds, recycled diamonds, synthetic diamonds and ethically-sourced fairtrade gemstones.

Engraved Floral Signet - Magpie Jewellery
'Penelope' Band - Magpie Jewellery
Celeste Solitaire - Magpie Jewellery
Aura Solitaire - Magpie Jewellery
14k Rose Gold Zoe Salt & Pepper Diamond Solitaire - Magpie Jewellery
14k Rose Gold Jane Diamond Trio Ring - Magpie Jewellery
Curved Lotus Band - Magpie Jewellery
'Love Nest' Solitaire - Magpie Jewellery
Square Claw Solitaire Diamond & Gold Engagement Ring | Magpie Jewellery
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