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Hammered Ear Climbers | Magpie Jewellery | On Model
Hammered Ear Climbers - Magpie Jewellery

Strut Jewellery

Hammered Ear Climbers

$85.00 CAD $72.25 CAD

Please allow 1-2 weeks for production if item is not in stock


  • Hammered sterling silver or 14k gold fill ear climber set.
  • Each ear climber will slide into your piercing, and curve gently along your earlobes. Create a custom fit by gently pressing the two sides of each climber toward each other. Fits most earlobes.
  • Handmade using sterling silver, 14k gold fill, textured and polished by hand.
  • Each ear climber measures approximately 15mm long and has long sterling silver posts.
  • You will receive one right and one left ear climber in the metal of your choice.