What's your perfect bracelet? A wrap, cuff, or bangle? Gem-studded and sparkling, or simple and stackable, the accessory of your dreams is here!
Heart of the Wolf Bar Bracelet Silver | Magpie Jewellery
546918 Anne-Marie Chagnon Florès Bracelet  Fern
542339 Anne-Marie Chagnon Féroé Bracelet  Pewter & Pearl
Narrow Silver Totem Cuff - Joe Descoteaux - Magpie Jewellery
New Beginnings Wide ID Bracelet Silver
537412 Anne-Marie Chagnon Oslo Bracelet  Autumnal
534612 Anne-Marie Chagnon Osaka Bracelet  Autumnal
551812 Anne-Marie Chagnon Francfort Bracelet  Autumnal
240212 Anne-Marie Chagnon Agadir Bracelet  Autumnal
541812 Anne-Marie Chagnon Abisco Bracelet  Autumnal
Orlando Bracelet - Magpie Jewellery