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How gemstones can help you feel more balanced

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Would you like to find a piece of jewellery that makes you feel more balanced and happy?  We’ve got lots of options for you! Many of our designers craft jewellery that helps you focus on things that are empowering. 

Below, designer and Yoga Therapist Lori Chamberland explains how Intention Bracelets help you shift from negative (exhausting) thinking into more positive and empowering thoughts.

 There is a constant conversation that hums along in our heads. Sometimes it rages, sometimes it is full of fear and sometimes, if we’re lucky, it’s full of hope and inspiration.

This inner dialogue has a direct and immediate affect on our body. When it’s supportive and positive, we feel relaxed and make good decisions. When that inner chatter is negative or fear-based it makes our muscles tense, our hearts pound and our heads ache, and more often than not, does not generate any kind of productive solution to our problem.

The great news is we can train our brains to change the conversation if we don’t like where it’s going. The technique? Meditation.

Intention Bracelets are a strand of wooden and gemstone beads. They are used, like a Rosary, to count repetitions of a positive phrase or intention. This conscious focus on positive intentions re-routes habitual negative self-talk and helps us stay positive, relaxed and feeling empowered.

The process of using Intention Bracelets is simple: you do a few simple yoga-based stretches, some relaxed abdominal breathing and then use your Intention Bracelet to meditate on a phrase that makes you feel more relaxed and positive.

Intention Meditation (also called japa meditation or mantra meditation), like all forms of meditation, has been proven to lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure and induce a state of calm. It’s especially good for people who have not had much experience with meditation because the beads are tactile and tangible and help keep your mind focused instead of it running in circles like an eight week old fox terrier.

The best part is, you don’t need to know anything about yoga or meditation to benefit from an Intention Bracelet. In fact; since the bracelets are made with relaxation-inducing  sandalwood, just wearing them can help you feel more calm and relaxed. Other unique design features such as the type of stone (there are nine different options) and hand-engraved elemental symbol make each bracelet uniquely suited to individual mind-body types.

Just like we need to be aware of the condition of our bodies, we need to be aware of the condition of our minds and take action when we get out of balance.  Intention Bracelets help us tap into our inner optimist which, research shows us helps us live longer and get sick less often and generally feel better. We can all benefit from that!

Lori Chamberland is a Relaxation Therapist and Founder of Balance Relaxation Therapy and designer of Intention Bracelets. She created an online system of support based on Yoga and the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda to help you get the most out of your Intention Bracelet. The online materials include a practice video, a worksheet to help you envision your dreams and desires, tips for writing your own personalized intention and more. 

Come into one of our three locations to check out Intention Bracelets and get a free consultation with Lori to find out which Intention Bracelet is the best match for you.

To find out which store Lori is at visit our Events page.

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