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April Birthstone: Diamond

Posted by Abby Fitzhugh on

Were you born in April? If yes, consider yourself lucky! Your birthstone just happens to be the King of Gemstones, the Diamond. *Swoon*. 

Probably the most widely known precious gem, the diamond is incredibly versatile coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions, there is never a wrong time to wear a diamond (or multiple). 

Diamonds have captured the eyes of billions with their lustrous sparkle of rainbow colours, thanks to their unique prismatic structure. It is only fitting that a stone so breathtakingly beautiful would represent everlasting love. Traditionally given to symbolize engagement for marriage, the diamond is as timeless as eternal love. 

Diamonds form from carbon (the element of life itself!) in high temperature and pressure environments, making them the strongest precious gem known to humans! Due to it's incredible strength and resilience it is sometimes referred to as the Stone of Invincibility. Giving off a high-frequency energy, the diamond will bring the wearer an undeniable sense of strength, courage, and fearlessness. Diamonds are associated with the Crown Chakra which is believed to connect us to higher spiritual consciousness. 

 Anniversary Stone: 10, 60, 75

(Poppy Finch Diamond Chevron Ring in 14k White Gold)

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