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Custom Design Tips: How to get the most bang for your buck!

Posted by Magpie Westboro on

Here are a few trade secrets on how to get the look you want in your engagement ring without breaking the bank!!  A halo is one of our favourites, What is a halo? Well, its just as it sounds, a beautiful ring of tiny diamonds set around the centre stone. These diamonds are so small that all together they create a beautiful glow, accenting the centre stone and reflecting lots of light. This also bumps up the sparkle factor, which is what we love in an engagement ring. A halo will not add a fortune to your budget, but it will add a lot to the look!
Coloured stones are another way to get a lot of bang for your buck. We love alternative centre stones such as champagne Diamonds, coloured Sapphires or pink Morganite. These stones are modern and unique and you can go big, as in 1 carat or more, without smarting the eyes. Add a halo to a gorgeous peach sapphire and now we're talking. If you love the crisp, crystal clear classic look of the diamond but not the $$$, a wonderful alternative is the Moissanite, a diamond look-a-like for a fraction of price.
Choosing your metal? Rose gold or mixing metals (yellow, white, rose) are hot and trendy and a great way to bring in a more contemporary or even vintage look by combining yellow and white gold. Top it off with a fine brushed finish to a classic design for a modern look. Tips: Draw inspiration from on-line photos. Collect the looks you like to inspire design and then we will help to make it unique to you.  Happy Ring Designing!! xo Magpie

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